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How difficult is it to settle an Estate?

Not sure how much assistance you will require? Ask yourself these questions!

Not sure if you are up to the task of being an executor?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you patient?

  • Are you well organized?

  • Do you pay attention to details?

  • Do you have professional connections with the services you will need to access?

  • Can you work cooperatively with others?

  • Do you have time to spare?

  • Is it easy for professionals to reach you during business hours?

  • Does your job permit time off for personal reasons, sometimes on short notice, or do you have holiday hours available?

  • Are you willing to commit approximately 100 hours in the next 12 months to the task?

  • Does your personal lifestyle and health permit you to dedicate time to this task, in addition to your ongoing personal, family and community commitments?

If you were able to answer "YES" to these questions - you are well on your way!


If you think you'll need some assistance, be sure to reach out and see how we can make this task easier for you and your family. 


119 - 10th Street

Brandon, Manitoba





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