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À la Carte Estate Advisory Services

Want to fulfill the Executor role, but need some assistance? We are happy to help - choose your level of involvement, or work with us to customize a plan that works for you!

The Professional Executor services offered by Aurora Estate Management provides you access to the knowledge and expertise necessary to quickly and easily settle your loved one's Estate, and carry out their final wishes.


A well-planned Will is your map - let us be your guide, using any of the navigational tools below, or work with us to create your custom journey. 

1) Compass - A compass is used to help navigate, and is a key tool in times of rough waters, high mountains, and long journeys. By providing guidance and direction, our team will ensure your estate is administered safely and efficiently. These services can be customized, and will allow families to choose their level of involvement.


2) Life-preserver - A life preserver is an important item to have in situations where the water is deep, cold, or rough, or if the swimmer is inexperienced or fatigued. As a Court Appointed Administrator (where there is no Will), or where named Executors choose not to act, our team will stand-in to administer the estate.  Choosing this option makes sense for busy families, or those that live in other provinces.


3) Itinerary - Designed to help people understand what's coming next, to successfully navigate through a series of events, itineraries provide important details such as location, duration, and time. By specifically naming our team as Executor, or Alternate Executor, you are leaving a well-thought out, written plan for your family, so they can enjoy your legacy.


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