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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Executor

Hiring a Professional Executor has many benefits, allowing your family to enjoy your legacy.

1. REDUCED STRESS - the burden of settling an estate can sometimes be too much for a grieving friend or family member.

2. EXPERTISE - professional executors have the necessary knowledge to know what steps to take and what forms need to be submitted. They also know how to deal with the estate efficiently and correctly so that there are no mistakes when it comes to taxes, investments, and assets.

3. IMPARTIALITY-  disputes between family members can happen when it comes to the division of an estate and these arguments can make it difficult to settle an estate.

4. ENSURES THE ESTATE IS ADMINISTERED – in certain instances, there may not be an executor available to execute your will. By choosing to use a professional, you can rest assured that someone suitable will accept that position and be available to execute your will.

5. LIABILITY PROTECTION - Appointing a friend or family member exposes them to potential liability which could lead to a significant financial burden should a mistake be made. Having a professional execute your will removes this fiduciary duty from your loved ones and protects them from liability.

6. COST-EFFECTIVENESS - Many people believe that appointing a professional executor will cost a lot of money. With the complexities of administering an estate, family members and friends often end up seeking the advice of a professional and paying for it anyway, on top of the cost of their time. Often, professional executors will charge the same for this service as any other service they provide, which means that it costs no more to have a professional executor than it does for your family and friends to pay for the assistance in filing applications, taxes, and fulfilling other duties associated with your estate.


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